Herb walks at the Hochkönig

Hiking with all senses through nature in Austria

The nature around the Hochkönig is full of treasures that many people do not even notice. During an attentive herb hike through the Salzburg mountains you will discover many things that are a real health insider tip. In order to change this, 16 alpine pastures have specialised in the subject of health and regionality with herbs. The trained herbal educators not only make their own products such as blueberry liqueur, gin, jams, fresh farmhouse bread or an Alpine mozzarella, but are also happy to *pass on their knowledge to locals and guests of the Hochkönig region, either on site or at herbal workshops. Or did you know that gin is made from juniper berries?

And to keep children curious and motivated about hiking, we have also been offering *children's herbal walks for a few years now. Here, animal rewards for the little hikers await them on all 16 herbal alps. And best of all, from eight herbal mountain pastures reached, there is an additional small gift for the children. But what exactly the 16 herbal mountain pastures for young and old have in mind, you have to find out yourself.