Herb hiking at the Hochkönig, Salzburg
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Our 6 summer lifts will take you safely and comfortably up to the peak of emotions. Choose your own favorite tour among the numerous hiking routes - it will leave you wanting more!

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With the Hochkönig Card, you can enjoy a comprehensive offer of activities in our vacation & excursion region.

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Herb hikes on the Hochkönig

Learn about herbs and how to use them

Herb hill farms with herb offers
Discover the Hochkönig herb hill farms with their traditional, natural offers.
Herb gift bag
You will find all the treasures of the Hochkönig herb hill farms in the Hochkönig herb bag.
Herb hikes
Hiking trails lead from one herb hill farm to the next.
Herb workshops
Wild herb hikes, making herbal ointments and much more is awaiting inquiring minds.
On the lookout for herbs

Nature around the Hochkönig is full of herbal treasures. On a herb hike, you will learn everything there is to know about these plants. You can hike with experienced guides, or you can hike along the herb trail on your own. On the menu at the 16 herb hill farms are dishes, teas, salves, and spirits made from herbs. At herb workshops, knowledge will be put into practice. As of recently in the Hochkönig region, herb hikes are offered for children. On these hikes, the kids can learn, gather, and be amazed. Follow the trail of ancient knowledge in the Hochkönig region.

Meisis journey
With the e-bike Alexandra Meissnitzer climbs her way to the second shooting at Bürgl-Alm, located in the Hochkönig holiday region. During “Meisi’s journey through SalzburgerLand” the former Salzburg ski racer explores her hometown’s most beautiful places, gets to know interesting people, and discovers the region’s culinary specialties. At the foot of Hochkönig there are around a dozen herb hill farms that have specialized in the processing of alp and garden herbs. Under the supervision of mountain farmers Gabi and Toni Bürgler Alexandra Meissnitzer learns how to easily mix an alp herb smoothie and how medicinal herbs can help relieve physical discomforts.
Herb hill farms
Herb hill farms in Salzburg

With herb hikes on the Hochkönig, you can learn about the many plants in our home region and how best to prepare them.
Discover the Hochkönig herb hill farms with their traditional and natural offers.

  • Maria Alm: Arbesreitalm, Hinterjetzbachalm, Mussbachalm, Obersteghof, Steinbockalm, Wastlalm, TOM Almhütte
  • Dienten: Bürglalm, Grüneggalm, Königsbergalm, Gabühelhütte; Zachholfalm
  • Mühlbach: Dientalm, Pronebenalm, Schweizerhütte, Tiergartenalm

Herb Hill Farms

Herb gift bag
Herb hikes at the Hochkönig in Salzburg
On an herb hike, you can gather not only interesting information about herbs, but you can also collect stickers for your herb passbook, which is necessary to get your own herb gift bag. After stopping for drinks or a snack at the herb hill farms, you will get a sticker for your herb passbook. After collecting 7 stickers, you can then exchange your passbook for a well-earned herb bag at the tourist offices. One passbook and herb bag are available per family.
Childen's herb hikes
Children's herb hikes at the Hochkönig
During herb hiking in the Hochkönig region, children can collect wooden balls with animal motifs from the book “Die sagenhaften Tiergeschichten der Hochkönig-Kräuteralmen”  at the individual participating herb hill farms.

Get away from processed foods and back to nature! This is an educational and fascinating experience for young herb fans!

Herb hiking holiday at the Hochkönig
All herb hill farms, all herb hikes, and all parking areas for the hikes are viewable on the map.
Herb specialists
Herb specialists in Salzburg
In these hotels, everything revolves around herbs - enjoy a perfect vacation with special offers from our herb specialists.
Awarded idea
Award for herb hiking in Salzburg
With the herb hiking project, the Hochkönig region won the Salzburg Regionality Prize and came in 3rd with the Zipfer Tourism Prize in 2013!
Animal Storys
Animal Storys
Alpine pastures, herbs and flowers, generations of legends and myths around the imposing mountains of the Hochkönig. Fabulous pet stories, imaginative and humorous, packaged on 72 pages. EUR 19.80
All herb hikes at a glance