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With the Online Early Booking Bonus, you have the chance to secure your ski pass early at a lower price. Prices vary depending on season, time of purchase and demand.

What is the online early booking system // How does it work?
With the Ski amadé online early booking system you have the chance to get your ski pass in advance at a lower price. Simply select the desired period and type of ski pass and see the best price directly.

How do I get a cheaper ski pass?
Cheaper ski passes for online early bookers can be booked via the following platform:
Ski amadé online ticket store at
To benefit from the early booking bonus, we recommend booking your desired ski pass as soon as possible to get the highest possible bonus.

Are discounted ski passes only available online or also on site at the ticket offices?
Discounted ski passes under the online early booking system can, as the name suggests, only be purchased online. Discounts such as the Junior Weekend Bonus, the Family Bonus from the 3rd child or group prices are still also available at the ticket offices.

Do I have to book in advance to benefit?
Discounted ski passes are only available in the Ski amadé online ticket store. To benefit from the early booking bonus, we recommend booking your desired ski pass as soon as possible to receive the highest possible bonus. The closer the desired ski day, the less discount possible.

Do I have to register online to benefit from the early booking bonus?
In order to receive the online early bird bonus, registration in the online ticket store is not mandatory. But in the my Ski amadé Friends Club you benefit from many other advantages:
- Personalized Friends Card, which you can reload again and again with the ski pass you want.
- Participation in exclusive competitions
- Advantages on vacation packages that are exclusively available for Friends only
- Free piste rescue (excl. helicopter rescue)
- Sign up for the newsletter and you'll always be the first to know when there are ski pass and vacation offers or other benefits.

Does everyone get a discounted ski pass?
The contingent for the early bird bonus is limited. To get the best price or a discounted ski pass, we recommend booking early. The time when the contingent is used up varies greatly due to different factors, such as the demand, the type of ski pass (whether day or multi-day ski passes) or the desired period (vacation period, weekday, etc.).

For which types of ski passes is the online early booking bonus available?
The online early booking bonus is available for all multi-day passes from 2 to 18 days and day passes.
There is no online early booking bonus for the Ski amadé ALL-IN Card White/Gold/Green and the SuperSkiCard ski passes.

How far in advance do I have to buy my ski pass to get a discount?
The time at which the allotments are used up varies due to different factors such as demand, the type of ski pass or the desired period. It is not possible to state how much earlier you need to book a ski pass in order to receive a discounted ski pass. We generally recommend booking ski passes as early as possible.

Do my Ski amadé Friends get even cheaper ski passes?
No. In the online early booking system there is a quota for everyone. However, as a my Ski amadé Friend you will always be the first to receive information on benefits and can therefore get an information head start. Sign up for the Friends Club Newsletter right here.

Is it possible that the ski pass will be even cheaper?
No. The price shown at the time of purchase is always the lowest and therefore the best price. After that, the price will only increase until it reaches the maximum = point of sale price.
What is the best price? The best price is the price displayed in the online ticket store. You can be sure that this will always be the lowest possible price for the selected period and ski pass.

What is the point of sale price?
The box office price is the fixed price at which ski passes can be purchased at the box office.

Cancellation guarantee

When purchasing multi-day ski passes in the Ski amadé online ticket shop, from now on there is the possibility to book a cancellation guarantee with your ski pass. Cancellation of ski passes is only possible with the booked cancellation guarantee, which must be made known (without giving any reasons) up to 2 days before the start of the validity of the ski pass. The cancellation guarantee costs € 2,50 per day and ski pass.
A cancellation request can be made to the company where the ski pass was booked by e-mail, stating the order number and the name under which the order was placed. A subsequent booking of the cancellation guarantee after completion of the order is not possible.