Culinary Königstour on the mountain

Skiing from ski hut to ski hut - from starter to dessert

The Königstour in the ski area Hochkönig is not only something very special for fans of the slopes, but also for the winter sportsmen who love good food and drink. Of course these tours are also highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

Since in the Hochkönig region food and drink are part of a perfect winter vacation, there are the culinary Königstour, an extraordinary combination that combines skiing and enjoyment in a unique way. The tours go from ski hut to ski hut and from course to course. The different themes - love of the homeland, enjoyment of the summit and love of alpine pastures - mean that there is a suitable tour for every taste and every starting point. If you like to put together your own menu, that's no problem either - because with the Genusszeit und Winterzauber Tour you can do just that. And best of all, you can set your own pace. Whether you enjoy all dishes on one day of skiing or divide them up over several days is entirely up to you.

OUR SECRET TIP: The "Culinary Königstours" are also available as vouchers. Give your loved ones not only something unique but also an unforgettable ski day - best of all together with you. Secure your gift.