Sundowner am Hochkönig - Sonnenuntergang erleben
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Thursday 14°C
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Culinary Königstours

Three culinary tours for gourmets at the Hochkönig

With the popular Königstour, all ski guests can get to know the Hochkönig region up close and in person, and starting this season, there is even more to enjoy: 6 summits, 35 continuous kilometers of ski slopes, and 7,500 vertical meters are being enriched with 4 excellent “Culinary Königstours”. Awaiting you is a breathtaking landscape, pristine nature, and the peaceful sounds of the hill farms. You can look forward to culinary highlights that are perfectly tailored to your tastes and preferences. What are you waiting for? 
Our TIP: 
Do you want to give your loved one something special that they will remember years later? That’s not so easy, is it? Quite the contrary! Gift certificates are available for the "Culinary Königstours".


This day combines three things that we love the most – lots of skiing, beautiful nature and fantastic food. A 4-course meal awaits you at 4 different locations of the pleasurable Hut-Hopping Tour through the ski area of the Hochkönig. With the Hochkönig as a trusthworty companion for all the wintery views. The tour starts with a starter, an ‘Almjause’ snack with Schnapps at the peak in the Gabühelhütte in Dienten and sipping some soup at the Karbachalm in Mühlbach. Back in Dienten at the Bürglalm you’ll be able to power up with some farm potatoes for the final spurt. Because now it’s time for dessert! Let that word melt in your mouth – blueberry chopped up pancakes. If your mouth is starting to water then this tour is perfect for you! Let’s start with a ‘Highking’-gin as a treat thrown in on top.
Real & Tasty
  • Gabühelhütte
    The Gabühelalm is located at 1620 meters, only 200 meters under the mountain station Gabühelbahn. The landlady, Klara, serves the first course of the 4-course meal – a small ‘Almjause’ snack with Schnapps. It is also worth going up to this hut on a different day as Klara’s specialty are her well praised ‘Farm Donuts’.
  • Karbachalm
    A few swings and turns and one arrives at the second course: Cheese and liver dumpling soup with a drink. The Alm is a popular retreat for food connoisseurs of regional culinary delights aswell as Austrian classics. The Karbachalm is a wine enjoyment partner of Ski amadé and a partner of the Pongauer Wild Gourmet Region.
  • Bürglalm 
    In beautiful Alpine landscape at 1597 meters above sea level you can find the‚ ‘Bürgl’ as it is known by the locals. Chips are banned here so Gabi and Anton Bürgler are happier to add a delicious baked potato to the menu. Every day has a different theme so that the menu doesn’t get boring: Monday is pasta-day, Tuesday is Strudel-day.
  • Wiesenstadl
    Blueberry chopped up pancakes or in German ‘Heidelbeerkaiserschmarren – with this this word you will not only win the game Hangman, you have also arrived in culinary heaven. The hut is located 50 meters above the valley station Hintermoos, abd you can enjoy your dessert outside on the cosy sun-terrace.

Euro 39 per person (excl. ski ticket)

In Austria we do not have a royal family, instead we have something more popular, royal pleasure. At the popular 'Kings tour’ a wonderful round from Maria Alm and Dienten  to Mühlbach, all skiers are welcome. And now there is another refinement to this tour! Six peaks, 35 kilometres of slopes and 7,500 meters of altitude difference are enriched by three delicious gourmet menu’s. The choice is yours between the gourmet partner huts; Steinbockalm, Deantnerin and the new Tom Almhütte. On the menu you will find some extraordinary dishes with a strong connection to the region and tempting names such as ‘fried scallops with shrimps, pea mousse and lard’. ‘Pingzauer roasted pork with sauerkraut and bread dumplings or spinach dumplings with brown butter and parmesan cheese’ or – sit tight – ‘chocolate mousse with rosemary popcorn, sea salt and caramel-cherry sorbet’. It is a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time, firstly for some finger food – the ‘King’s tour’ and before, in the middle or after for the enjoyment of tasting the menu. The ski boots can be taken off for ultimate relaxation and as a tour-goodie you will be offered some cosy Hochkönig hut slippers.
Peak Enjoyment Menu

Choose 1 of the 3 listed below and your favorite menu

Scallops l shrimp l creamed peas l lardo
Creamy, truffled potato soup l prosciutto chips l fresh herbs
Braised beef cheeks l creamy polenta l shoestring fries l fried mushrooms 
Chocolate soufflé l sour cherries l vanilla ice cream

Die Deantnerin
Surf & turf l carrots
Ginger risotto l spinach l smoked venison l shrimp spring roll l saffron 
Essence of boiled beef l carrot pearls l herb pancake strips
Bratwurst & mashed potatoes l veal liver l apple-Calvado ragout
l fried onions 
Chocolate mousse l rosemary popcorn l sea salt l caramel-cherry sorbet

TOM Almhütte
Pearl barley soup 
Potato croquette l kohlrabi
Pinzgau roast pork l sauerkraut l bread dumplings or alternatively
spinach dumplings l browned butter l Parmesan
Caramelized Pinzgau compote l cranberry sorbet

Tasting menus incl. drink 
Euro 79 per person (excl. ski ticket)


The modern cosmetic industry makes use of the herbal hype and mixes everything from Marigold to Lavender in creams and jars. But what herbs are much better for is to give dishes a special touch. A delicious palate attack with the freshest herbs awaits you in the selected huts along the Königstour. Parsley, burnet, chervil, sorrel and chives, borage and watercress are finely chopped, stirred into the cream and seasoned with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Cooked eggs and Ox breast are likely to be a side dish. Sounds like passion for you? It is at the Hochkönig herbal Alms: Bürgelalm in Dienten, Wastalm in Maria Alm, Steinbockalm in Maria Alm/Hinterhal and Tiergartenalm in Mühlbach.
Herb Enjoyment Menu
  • Bürglalm 
    Inkeeper Gabi Bürgler is very familiar with the alpine herbs. She uses only the best herbs in the kitchen. With herbal tea, and rolls with herbal spread, you will be perfectly attuned for the rest of the trip.
  • Wastlalm
    The Kaminstüberl room of the Wastalm seats 35 people. Their herbal cheese dumpling soup and drink with herbal syrup will therefore be enjoyed in cosy and small company. The regional, home-made and herbal dishes are also cooked vegan.
  • Steinbockalm
    Settle down and enjoy. The chef creates international dishes with a regional focus. For the herbal tour, he combines spinach dumplings filled with mountain cheese, herbal pesto, parmesan cheese, brown butter and a glass of Ski amadé wine.
  • Tiergartenalm
    We end our tour with cheese. The Tiergartenalm is known for their cheese platters and will serve you a delicious platter with a glass of Wermuth for dessert.

Euro 39 per person (excl. ski ticket)


Gondel.Alm.Genuss - ONLY on 22nd of march 2018


Awaiting  you is a regional 3-course menu with wine accompaniment during the Wine and Skiing Enjoyment Week. 

The greeting

  • From 7:00 pm: greeting and champagne reception with regional treats at the valley station of the Naturbahn lift in Maria Alm. 

The dinner

  • After the greeting, you will take a seat in the gondola and then dine floating through the air with a romantic view with cozy fleece blankets and warm lambskin. A course will be served each time you pass the summit station. It starts at sunset with a variety of appetizers and a magnificent view of the gorgeous winter landscape in Maria Alm. A mouth-watering, warm soup awaits you for the 2nd course. For the 3rd ride past the summit station, a delicious main course awaits all connoisseurs. 

The conclusion

  • After the main course, you will exit at the summit station. Awaiting you in the new TOM Almhütte is an enticing "Flying Dessert" with coffee along with live music and a great atmosphere.

From 10:30 pm, you can return individually. 
Price: Euro 99 per person (6 persons per gondola) you can also book a exclusive gongala  - price on request. Tickets are available in the offices of the Hochkönig region.



Hot soup at the gondola dinner
five course menu
Ski amade made my day
Finding the best slopes from 760 kilometres of skiing fun is not always easy. Therefore, you are now presented with the absolute highlights of Austria's greatest skiing, in a very exciting way. Simply book your individual day of adventure - Ski amadé made my day and within only a few hours you will experience more WOW moments than others will experience in a whole week. Professional ski guides will guide you through secret areas of the region.
Highly Delicous
Highliy Delicious
Probably the most enjoyable "Hüttenralley" in the Alps - here a fluffy Kaiserschmarrn (chopped up pancakes), there a good glass of a Austrian wine - along the Königstour at Hochkönig you ski from Aperitif to dessert, every course at a different hut, so you enjoy excellent culinary creations inbetween wonderful runs. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans! MORE INFORMATION
Kingsline Freeride Day
A great Freeride day, skiing down in front of the wonderful mountain scenery of the Hochkönig including Freeride rental equipment under the supervision of a professional guide. Most of the ascent will be done on a lift, but for a few of the slopes, you will have to ski tour up. At the end of the day there is a ski and wine gourmet meal included in the package. MORE INFORMATION
Pure Natur
Pure Nature - highly delicious
"A herb can be used for everything", is what they say and they even taste superb! Therefore it is high-time to put the local herbs first and to dedicate a whole day to them: from sparkling Prosecco with a herb syrup and small herb rolls with the herb soup, local herb specialities and a sweet surprise made with herbs - everything is possible. MORE INFORMATION