Sundowner am Hochkönig - Sonnenuntergang erleben
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Culinary Königstours

Three culinary tours for gourmets at the Hochkönig

The Königstour in the Hochkönig ski area is something special. We are not the only ones who say this but so does the world’s largest test portal, which awarded the Königstour as the most beautiful ski tour in the Alps. The offer for skiers here is simply breathtaking: 6 summits, 35 continuous kilometers of slopes, and 7,500 vertical meters. Of course, you can also get your fill of culinary enjoyment. Numerous huts provide delicious experiences with regional and modern cuisine. If you want even more culinary delights, there is something special for you: the “Culinary Königstours”.
These are specially selected tours that take you and your taste buds from hut to hut on skis with culinary delicacies awaiting you at each hut. With different themes – herbs, homeland, and summit enjoyment – there is something to suit every taste. The tours can be started daily!

Our TIP:
the "Culinary Königstours" are also available as a gift certificate – a special present with which you can give a special person the gift of pure joy.  Whether you enjoy all courses on one or different days - you can do it at your own pace.

Love of Homeland voucher

This day perfectly combines 3 things that we love – skiing, magnificent nature, and fantastic cuisine. A 3-course menu awaits you at 3 stations along this delicious hut-hopping tour through the Hochkönig ski area. Your constant companion will be the Hochkönig and its winter panorama while you enjoy the appetizer, cheese dumpling soup at the Wiesenstadl, and “Hauspfandl” at the Gabühelhütte. Then, head to the Karbachalm in Mühlbach for dessert. Here, you can treat your taste buds to a fluffy Kaiserschmarren pancake. If your mouth is watering, then this tour is perfect for you!

Price per person € 44 incl. drink excl.skiticket
VEGAN and VEGETARIAN variations possible!

Skipano Overview Love of Homeland Tour
Wiesenstadl - Maria Alm
Kaspressknödelsuppe – with this word, not only will you win the game of hangman, but you will also be transported to a culinary heaven. The hut is located 50 m above the Hintermoos valley station, and the best place to enjoy an appetizer is on the comfortable sunny terrace.

Gabühelhütte – Dienten
The Gabühelalm is located at an elevation of 1620 m only 200 m below the new summit station of the Gabühel lift. Hut host Klara serves the 1st course of the 3-course herb menu – the “Hauspfandl” with salad. Another rewarding reason to visit this hut is host Klara’s specialty – her highly praised farmhouse donuts.

Karbachalm – Mühlbach
Head up to the Karbachalm for the last course, where fluffy Kaiserschmarren pancakes and a drink are awaiting you for dessert. This hut is a popular refreshment spot for connoisseurs of regional delicacies and Austrian inn classics. The Karbachalm is a wine and culinary partner of Ski Amadé and a partner of the “Genussregion Pongauer Wild”.
Herb enjoyment Tour voucher

Today’s cosmetic industry makes use of the herbal hype and mixes everything from marigold and lavender into creams and jars. But what herbs are better suited for is to give dishes a special touch. A delicious culinary treat of fresh herbs is awaiting you in select huts along the Königstour. Parsley, salad burnet, chervil, sorrel and chive, borage, and watercress are finely chopped, mixed with cream, and seasoned with lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Cooked eggs or brisket of beef simply serve as side dishes. You can enjoy these herb delicacies at the Bürglalm in Dienten, the Wastalm in Maria Alm, the Zachhofalm in Dienten, and the Tiergartenalm in Mühlbach.

Price per person € 44 incl. drink excl.skiticket

Skipano Overview herb enjoyment tour

Tiergartenalm - Mühlbach
Simply enjoy something special whether sparkling wine with rose petals in a romantic setting by the tile stove or on the gorgeous terrace. Hospitality, friendly service, and a pleasant atmosphere in the middle of nature in the exceptional scenery of the Hochkönig.

Bürglalm - Dienten
The "Bürgl", as it is lovingly called by the locals, is located in a magnificent alpine pasture at an elevation of 1,597 m. On an herb tour, Gabi and Anton Bürgler serve a homemade herb spread with fresh farmhouse bread accompanied by herbal tea with dandelion honey.  

Wastalm – Maria Alm
The fireplace lounge in the Wastlalm seats around 35 guests. You can therefore enjoy their herbal cheese dumpling soup in a small, cozy atmosphere. In addition to regional homestyle cooking and herbal cuisine, vegan dishes are also offered.

Zachhofalm – Dienten
“Herbs, wild game, and ORGANIC” – this is the cuisine at the Zachhofalm. All products and dishes impress with their quality, taste, and well-being. The food comes from their own ORGANIC farm, the Dachegg. Enjoy a time-out in the middle of pristine nature with freshly prepared French toast.

Peak Enjoyment Tour voucher
In Austria, we don’t have a ruling royal family but a much more popular, royal pleasure: the well-liked “Königstour”, a magnificent ski tour from Maria Alm to Mühlbach, is something that all ski guests can become personally acquainted with. And now there is another bonus! Six summits, 35 continuous kilometers of slopes, and 7,500 vertical meters are enriched with 3 excellent gourmet menus. You are left with the difficulty of choosing among the huts: the Steinbockalm, Deantnerin, and the new Tom Almhütte. On the menu are exceptional dishes with tempting descriptions such as “spinach ricotta dumplings | hazelnuts | arugula” or “2 types of meat | ginger ale | beans” and of course the regional classic “Muas | sorbet”. We recommend taking plenty of time to enjoy the aperitif and appetizer first and then enjoying the main dishes and dessert in the middle of or after the Königstour.

Price per person € 60 incl. drink excl.skiticket
VEGAN and VEGETARIAN variations possible!
Skipano Overview peak enjoyment tour

Deantnerin - Dienten
The Deantnerin is traditional, cozy, and urban. Arrive, unwind, and enjoy yourself – alone, as a couple, or with friends. Relax, recharge your batteries, and marvel at the view of the Hochkönig. Whether in the ResiZenz Stubn'n or by the fireplace in every corner of the Deantnerin, the spinach ricotta dumplings will enchant your taste buds.

Steinbockalm – Maria Alm/Hinterthal
Traditional and modern are not contrasts here – two rustic, cozy huts are connected to one another by a laid-back bar and lounge area. The large panoramic terrace offers guests a magnificent mountain view – your front-row seat with a view of the horizon where you can enjoy specialties including 2 kinds of meat.

TOM Almhütte – Maria Alm
There are many huts, but none are as special as the tom Almhütte at an elevation of 1,166m. This may be due to the fact that no other alpine hut has a pug as its mascot. Along with a spectacular mountain panorama, you will also find a portion of good taste: modern architecture is combined with rustic hut charm, and the fizziness of the sundowner drink is specially made.

Culinary Advent

On the Advent Magic Tour, you will be drawn into the magic of the pre-Christmas season at the ski huts in the Hochkönig region. Along with skiing, this contemplative time is accompanied by traditional Christmas specialties, Christmas music, as well as mulled wine, punch, and cookies!

Travel from hut to hut and enjoy Advent’s most beautiful and most delicious aspects. Six unforgettable Christmas specialties to please all the senses will only increase your anticipation for this festive season. 

The choice is yours among 6 different huts and their specialties. Select your 3 favorites and enjoy Christmas treats and the Advent ambiance on the peak of emotions.

Price per person € 44 incl. 3 dishes of your choice & drink excl. ski pass.


Advent pancakes & Sporer punch
TOM Almhütte
Venison ragout / chocolate gingerbread sauce / red cabbage / potato rolls & 1 pint of Eder beer
Chestnut soup & 1 cup of Advent tea
Die Deantnerin
"Christmas Speciale Santino" pizza & 1 drink
Fruit cake & mulled wine
Grilled sausage with sauerkraut & 1 glass of Stiegel Pils / blueberry Kaiserschmarren pancakes & 1 glass of Spätlese

Ski amade made my day
Finding the best slopes from 760 kilometres of skiing fun is not always easy. Therefore, you are now presented with the absolute highlights of Austria's greatest skiing, in a very exciting way. Simply book your individual day of adventure - Ski amadé made my day and within only a few hours you will experience more WOW moments than others will experience in a whole week. Professional ski guides will guide you through secret areas of the region.
Highly Delicous
Highliy Delicious
Probably the most enjoyable "Hüttenralley" in the Alps - here a fluffy Kaiserschmarrn (chopped up pancakes), there a good glass of a Austrian wine - along the Königstour at Hochkönig you ski from Aperitif to dessert, every course at a different hut, so you enjoy excellent culinary creations inbetween wonderful runs. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans! MORE INFORMATION
Kingsline Freeride Day
Kingsline Freeride Day
A great Freeride day, skiing down in front of the wonderful mountain scenery of the Hochkönig including Freeride rental equipment under the supervision of a professional guide. Most of the ascent will be done on a lift, but for a few of the slopes, you will have to ski tour up. At the end of the day there is a ski and wine gourmet meal included in the package. MORE INFORMATION
Craftbeernight Ladies Week
Pure Nature - highly delicious

According to a survey, 4 out of 5 women love beer and are happy to place Prosecco at the bottom of their list. And for these ladies, the craft beer skiing day on the Hochkönig is absolutely perfect. In the company of friends, you can go on a tour with a ski guide, who will share tips with you as you carve down the slopes. At the end of the tour, you will stop by the TOM Almnhütte – the party location for the craft beer night, when everyone comes together to try unique beers from the breweries and enjoy the cool sounds provided by the DJs.