Königsweg - hiking without luggage

Panoramic long-distance hike across the Hochkönig region

The King's Trail leads over 74 km and 4 stages along the Hochkönig massif, through the Steinerne Meer and the Dientner Grasberge. In four stages and a rest day in between, you hike from alpine pasture to alpine pasture, from Maria Alm to Dienten and Mühlbach and back to the starting point. In winter you can watch a part of the hiked route along the Königstour.

Carefree hiking package with luggage transport and overnight stay in a hut on request
While you comfortably hike and enjoy the King's Trail with your daypack, we take care of your luggage. Your suitcases will be automatically delivered from stage to stage to your next accommodation.

Königsweg with a basic accommodation

You don't want to change your accommodation during your holiday, but still want to explore the royal road? We would be happy to book a location accommodation for you from where you can hike the individual stages as a day tour. You pack a light day rucksack and are back in your accommodation in the evening. And best of all, the hiking bus will take you to the starting point of each stage and back from the destination to your accommodation in comfort and free of charge.