The Königsweg - hiking without luggage

Panoramic long-distance hike across the Hochkönig region

Ubiquitous on this royal journey is the Hochkönig and his name is by no means chosen randomly: he rises majestically to almost 3,000 meters and ranks among the highest peaks of the entire Northern Limestone Alps. Like a true monarch, he presides over the lush meadows, idyllic alpine pastures, and dense forests that line the Königsweg. His influence extends across the entire region, and it is difficult to escape his presence. It is hardly surprising that numerous myths and legends revolve around his majestic figure and impressive crown – all of which have made him one of the most renowned mountains in the vicinity throughout history.

Experience the sublime atmosphere of the region on five hiking stages and discover the untouched and majestic beauty of the Königsweg.

Although the Hochkönig may appear rugged and unapproachable when viewed from the Königsweg, its ascent is possible. As the highlight of your hike along the King's Path, you can don the "King's Crown" by scaling the summit of the Hochkönig and spending the night directly at the king's head, namely at the Matrashaus at an altitude of 2,947 meters. In suitable weather, a breathtaking sunset and sunrise are included before descending to the valley after breakfast.

Carefree hiking package with luggage transport
While you comfortably and leisurely hike the Königsweg with your daypack, we take care of your luggage. Your suitcases will be automatically delivered from stage to stage to the next accommodation.

The route runs along well-marked hiking and forest trails. A good basic level of fitness is recommended. Only for the last stage is it advisable to have a little more stamina, so that this section is also a real pleasure. The varied tour offers picturesque alpine landscapes and impressive views. Perfect for nature enthusiasts who appreciate a variety of landscape impressions.

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