Safe hiking at the Hochkönig

In the spirit of good coexistence on Austria's mountain pastures

Enjoy a safe hiking experience in the mountains with the right behavior! Hiking is not only a wonderful nature experience or a sporting activity but also a relaxing balance for body and soul.

For your own safety, we have compiled some tips for you to fully experience and enjoy this trendy mountain sport. Please also make sure to bring back everything you take with you into the mountains back down to the valley.

Mountain experience - Before every tour you should check your own mountain experience and physical fitness. Mountain hiking often requires surefootedness and a head for heights.

Observe tour descriptions - Each tour should be planned exactly according to the tour descriptions. Information from local people (hut keepers, mountain guides, alpine clubs) can also be helpful.

Watch the pace - The pace must always be adapted to the weakest member of the group. At the beginning of the tour you should pay particular attention to walking slowly. Observe other participants so that exhaustion can be recognised in time.

Equipment and clothing - Make sure you wear sturdy, high shoes with grippy soles. Appropriate rain and cold protection should always be carried with you. The weather in the mountains can change quickly.

Notification - Before setting off on a tour, inform the host of the hut or hotelier or friends of your destination and the approximate time of return.

Do not leave the marked paths - To avoid falls, even in easy terrain, great attention is required. Do not leave marked paths.

Danger of falling rocks - Stepping on stones must be avoided at all costs, as this can also injure other hikers. Areas at risk of falling rocks should be passed individually and as quickly as possible.

If an accident occurs - If an accident occurs, keep calm at all costs. Call for help immediately with your mobile phone or make yourself known by shouting loudly. As a rule, an injured person should be left at the scene of the accident and should never be left alone.

Reason in bad weather - If fog comes in or the weather changes drastically or roads are in bad condition, you should turn back. This is not a disgrace but a sign of common sense.

The mountains are there for everyone - Respect the animals and plants. Keep calm and avoid noise. Take rubbish and rubbish back down to the valley and dispose of it accordingly.

Wild animals - Morning and dusk are the main feeding times for wild animals. These "meal times" are respected by those who are not yet out in the wild at this time.

Dogs on a leash - Dogs must ALWAYS be kept on a leash. Dogs must not under any circumstances go hunting for grazing animals, especially mother cows fear for their calves. Should a grazing animal attack a dog, let it run for its own protection.

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