Running & Trailrunning in the alps

Varied routes and challenging trails through the mountain world

Diverse routes and challenging trails through the mountainous terrain. Running on a flat surface is something almost anyone can do with a bit of training. However, ascending from peak to peak, navigating through obstacles, traversing narrow paths and steep trails, and tackling downhill slopes – that is reserved for true and highly motivated running enthusiasts. Those who take on the challenge will be rewarded in the Hochkönig region with breathtaking views and unique trails.

To add an extra layer of challenge, there are annually exciting trail running events with numerous national and international participants. The historical Kumpellauf pays homage to the mining era in Mühlbach am Hochkönig and serves as the ideal preparation and training for the Hochkönigman. The Hochkönigman itself impresses with 7 competitions, covering a total distance of 230 km and an elevation gain of 14,691 meters. Experience the unique event atmosphere during your summer vacation in the Hochkönig region.