Herb hill farms, Salzburg
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Our 6 summer lifts will take you safely and comfortably up to the peak of emotions. Choose your own favorite tour among the numerous hiking routes - it will leave you wanting more!

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The Hochkönig herb hill farms

Introducing the herb hill farms

On an herb hike on the Hochkönig, you will learn a lot about the many plants in our home region and how to prepare them. Herb dumplings and spreads, juices and ointments, herbal schnapps and liquors - the gifts of nature are lovingly prepared according to traditional recipes at our hill farms. Discover the Hochkönig herb hill farms with traditional and natural offers on your hiking vacation.
Herb gift bag
Herb gift box, Hochkönig
The treasures of the Hochkönig herb bag are a gold mine for herb lovers. This bag is not something that can be purchased but you can earn it by hiking. After you collect seven stickers, which you will receive when dining at the herb hill farms, you can trade in your passbook for the well-earned herb gift bag.
Childen's herb hikes
Children's herb hikes at the Hochkönig
During herb hiking in the Hochkönig region, children can collect wooden balls with animal motifs from the book “Die sagenhaften Tiergeschichten der Hochkönig-Kräuteralmen”  at the individual participating herb hill farms.

Get away from processed foods and back to nature! This is an educational and fascinating experience for young herb fans!
Hochkönig herb hill farms at a glance
Arbesreitalm Maria Alm

Maria Alm elder-flower-liqueur
Tel.: +43 6584 20 74 or +43 664 211 99 43
Closed on Thursday (except on legal holiday)

Rustic, 350 year old alpine hut and organic farm with magnificent panoramic view in a sunny location. Pure natural enjoyment with elderflowers, berries, syrups, liquors, freshly smoked trout, salads, sausages, bacon, cheese, farmhouse bread, and cake.

Jetzbachalm Maria Alm

Maria Alm blackberry jam
Tel.: +43 680 140 66 66
Closed on Wednesday

The Hinterjetzbachalm offers a wonderful view of the alpine world. Here, you will be pampered with homemade specialties and seasonal delicacies from the region.

Mussbachalm Maria Alm

Maria Alm"lärchenpech" ointment
Tel.: +43 664 126 81 63
Closed on Monday (in June Monday and Tuesday closed)

This alpine hut, run according to old tradition, offers homemade cheese varieties, buttermilk, freshly baked bread, and cake as well as bacon and sausage from their farm.

Obersteghof Maria Alm

Maria Alm free nose - majoran balsam
Tel.: +43 680 403 38 00 | obersteghof.members.cablelink.at
No day of rest!

The Obersteghof is located on a small hill above the Urslautal with a view of Maria Alm and the Steinernes Meer. At workshops, you can deepen your knowledge about herbs and learn about the art of homemade, natural cosmetics.

Steinbockalm Maria Alm

Maria Alm herb gourmets
Tel.: +43 676 841008200
[email protected] | www.steinbockalm.at
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Traditional and modern are not contrasts here - two rustic, cozy huts are connected to one another with a laid-back bar and lounge area. The large panoramic terrace guarantees magnificent mountain views.

Wastlalm  Maria Alm

Maria Alm stinging-nettle-salt
Tel.: +43 6584 2125 or +43 664 860 68 64
Closed on Tuesday (from 20th of august closed on Thursday)

Small but exquisite hill farm in the Aberg-Hundstein hiking area and popular destination for hikers and bikers. Hosts Klaudia and Sepp pamper their guests with fresh herb dishes and other specialties.

Bürglalm Dienten

Dienten herb syrups
Tel.: +43 6461 380
Closed on Friday

The Bürglalm is in a wonderful meadow area in a sunny location with a unique panoramic view of the Hochkönig massif. Sincere hospitality and homemade treats are awaiting you in this beautiful spot.

Grünegg Alm
Grüneggalm Dienten
Dienten herbal tinctures
Tel.: +43 (0) 6461 306
[email protected] | www.gruenegg.at
Closed on Tuesday

Enjoy the wonderful view and experience something special like the farmhouse museum and our schnapps distillery. You can taste and purchase awarded brandies and liquors in our farm shop.
Königsbergalm Dienten
Dienten herbal oils
Tel.: +43 6461 450 or +43 664 927 17 43
No day of rest!
(from 12th of september closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

The lovingly designed alpine hut invites you to enjoy a pleasant time with family, culinary delights, a chat with friends, or an alpine snack with specialties made from farm-fresh products. Outside at the hut, you can relax in a deck chair in front of the enchanting mountain scenery.
Dientalm Mühlbach
Mühlbach natural soap with marigold
Tel.: +43 6467 7342 or +43 664 9916848
No day of rest!

The Dientalm is a real, traditional, organic hill farm. With good weather, you can enjoy the splendid landscape along with freshly pressed juices and an alpine snack with homemade products such as butter, a variety of cheeses, buttermilk, Schotten (a local cheese specialty), and much more.
Pronebenalm Mühlbach
Mühlbach roses sugar
Tel.: +43 6467 7676 or +43 664 535 83 75
Closed on Monday

The breathtaking view of Mühlbach and the mighty Hochkönig massif is a true pleasure! A special feature: from the Paussbauer, the "path of good thoughts" leads along a romantic hiking trail to the Pronebenalm.
Schweizerhütte Mühlbach
Mühlbach blueberry vinegar
Tel.: +43 6467 7202
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

The breathtaking view of the Mandlwand in the Hochkönig region and the numerous varieties of raw milk cheese are one-of-a-kind. You should also definitely try the homemade mountain farm mozzarella.
Tiergartenalm Mühlbach

Mühlbach herb cushion
Tel.: +43 664 497 23 58
[email protected] | www.tiergartenalm.at
Closed on Monday

For around 30 years, the Tiergartenalm in Mühlbach am Hochkönig has been enchanting guests from near and far. Located at an elevation of 1,540 m, this unique hut is a cozy spot to take a rest and offers enjoyment for all the senses in summer and winter.