The Hochkönigman - Trailrunning at its best

from May 31 - June 2 2024 - for the toughest under the sun

Every year, the impressive Hochkönigman takes place against one of the most panoramic backdrops in the world. This means trail running under the toughest conditions. Incredible sporting experiences and emotions for thousands of enthusiastic athletes.

Within a very short time the Hochkönigman has become one of the most popular trail running events in Europe. And that is no wonder! The trails at the Hochkönigman offer the perfect challenge for very special athletes. Trail running is not for everyone. But YOU want to be there again in 2024!

The Hochkönigman 2024 lures all sports enthusiasts with challenging trails and a breathtaking mountain scenery with beautiful landscapes. The Austrian trail running highlight of the year awaits all those who love to take on the challenges of a natural trail through the high mountain landscape of the Hochkönig massif. The Hochkönigman is waiting for YOU.

Discover the fascination of the mountains and strengthen teamwork at our new events – the K3 Panorama Trail and the Raiffeisen Business Trail! These unique events offer the perfect platform for both solo adventurers and team players to push personal boundaries and experience unforgettable moments.

K3 Panorama Trail – Discover New Horizons

The K3 Panorama Trail takes you through breathtaking landscapes, offering an unparalleled view of the majestic mountain world. Covering a distance of 33 km and more than 2,000 meters of elevation gain, you'll experience nature in its purest form while testing your endurance and determination. This event pays tribute to the beauty of the Hochkönig region and presents a challenge that you'll proudly conquer. Whether you're an experienced trail runner or simply seeking to experience nature in a new way, the K3 Panorama Trail is your path to an unforgettable adventure.

Raiffeisen Business Trail – Together Towards the Goal

Teamwork takes center stage at the Raiffeisen Business Trail. Specifically designed for 3-person teams, this event provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen teamwork within your company. Covering a 3.6 km route, you'll work together towards success, proving that shared goals and mutual support lead to extraordinary achievements. It's not about the fastest time but about unity, communication, and enjoying the challenge together. The Raiffeisen Business Trail is more than just a race – it's an investment in your team and a chance to grow as a unit.

Both events offer not only athletic challenges but also a sense of community and celebration. Your efforts will be rewarded with comprehensive participant packages ranging from finisher medals to commemorative gifts. Additionally, a program of culinary highlights and musical entertainment will complement your experiences.

Whether you want to test the limits of your endurance or seek an unforgettable team experience with your colleagues, the K3 Panorama Trail and the Raiffeisen Business Trail offer the perfect adventure for everyone. Register now and become part of these unique events, which are more than just races – they're a testament to courage, unity, and the joy of movement in nature. Experience it for yourself and write your own story against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains.