Harvest festival & venison week in Salzburg

Salzburg's lively culture, customs, tradition and genuine delicacies

Every year since 1995, the "Bauernherbst" has been held in the Salzburger Land. It is a celebration of regional customs and Austrian tradition. In autumn, the rural culture is demonstrated in traditional festivals, parades, folk music, regional delicacies and genuine handicraft demonstrations.

In the Hochkönig region, around the picturesque villages of Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach, the programme includes bread baking, cas'n, schnapps distilling, farmers' markets, the Hochkönig venisonweeks and cosy Hoagascht'n (entertainment). At the Hoagaschtn on the mountain pastures and huts you can enjoy your autumn holiday with freshly harvested, local delicacies while the autumn sun warms your heart.

The Hochkönig venison week

Venison week highlights

It gets really wild in the Hochkönig region after the autumn farming season, as the official alpine summer comes to an end and the Hochkönig venison weeks take place in the region from mid-September to the end of October. During the venison weeks, culinary specialities and experiences are offered around the theme of game, regionality and hunting. During this very special time of year, guests and locals enjoy guided hikes with supervising hunters, delicious and above all regional food on the mountain and in the valley and the beautifully coloured landscape that is reflected throughout the region.