The legend of the white and blue woman of the Zachhof

High above Dienten, where the walls of the Hochkönig seem to be within reach, lies the Zachhof. Many hundreds of years ago the knight Wolfgang von Zach lived here with his two daughters. The two sisters - one of them was blind - were not very close. When their father died, he left them many valuable gold pieces. His last will was that the sisters should divide the treasure among themselves. So the seeing sister placed two vessels on the table. They were so-called grain mats, which were used to measure the grain. Into these metzes she alternately dropped the gold coins - first into one vessel, then into the other.
Pling! Pling! Pling! Pling! Pling! The blind sister listened eagerly to the sound of the gold coins. From time to time she groped in her vessel for the height of the pile of gold. Every time her fingers, rough from working the field, reached for the gold coins, the other sister smiled a mischievous smile. Her devious plan seemed to work! In fact, she had placed the sister's grain mash upside down, so that the gold soon filled the lower edge of the ground. The blind sister did not notice the deception for a long time. But when she groped for the gold coins once more and her fingers hit the lower edge, a hot rage boiled up inside her. Her own sister had betrayed her! With a loud cry on her lips, the blind sister threw herself on the seeing sister. A wild wrestling and jousting began until the two sisters hit their heads so unhappily that they sank to the ground unconscious. And finally they died on the old wooden floor of the farm.

Since that time it is no longer strange at the Zachhof. It is haunted, say the servants. The two sisters walk around there as ghosts and guard their treasures. Only those who are pure in heart and without sin can meet the White and the Blue Woman once a year. You have to be there for Christmas Eve, and in any case alone. When the church clock strikes midnight, the door to the cellar of the Zachhof opens. Without making a sound, the Blue Woman climbs from the basement, stooping down step by step, up into the lower roof. Her white sister comes towards her from above with flowing robes and wanders deep down into the cellar. As the sisters creep through the house, they show the person watching them the place in the house where their treasures are hidden. The treasures for which the two had died.
To this day, no one has succeeded in fulfilling all the conditions. Either the soldier of fortune was impure in heart, or he had missed the right time. So the White and the Blue Woman still have to go around the Zachhof unsaved and wander through the house as ghosts. Their treasures, they wait up there for the one who dares to take them.