The Kollmannsegg-Loder on the Erzberg

High up at Kollmannsegg, where the air is already thinner and the wind howls around the mountain peaks, ore was mined in former times. For a long time, workers defied the mountain centimeter by centimeter from its ore. Kollmannsegg was the most important ore mine in all of Dienten. Where most of the iron was extracted, there is an ore stock from Spatenstein. During the heyday of ore mining, the so-called Kollmansegg-Loder was located at the height of Kollmannsegg. Carved from the wood of an ancient tree, he wore an iron helmet on his head and held a huge tobacco pipe in his hand. So he stood there and looked over the wild valley. On full moon nights, however, it was said that the Kollmannsegg-Loder spoke to the people. One only had to sit down at his feet on the soft floor, which spread out like a velvety green blanket under the legendary figure. When you sit there quietly and ask a question of the heart, the Kollmannsegg-Loder whispered the answer.

After the trade in iron ore came to an end, the wooden figure was simply cut over and removed layer by layer. Where the individual pieces of the Kollmannseggs-Loder disappeared to remains a mystery to this day. The inhabitants of the village, among whom it was divided, guard the pieces like a treasure. Silently and secretly, without telling anyone, they pass on the remains of the Kollmannsegg-Loder to the next generation. Because, so they say, those servants who own a piece of the legendary figure can still ask for advice today. The Kollmannsegg-Loder whispers the answers into their ears when they sleep.
When winter comes and the Perchten roam the streets, you can still see some figures running between the wild wooden and horn-like masks that look like the Kollmannsegg-Loder. Because when it is time to drive out the evil winter spirits, the Kollmannsegg-Loder is also there - with its long, dark beard, the big pipe in the corner of the mouth and the hat on the head, which looks like an iron helmet.