Die Hochkönig ii-Tour

Hochkönigliche Genuss-Biketour in 5 Etappen

The area around the majestic Hochkönig has quietly developed into a real El Dorado for bikers. Whether pleasure cyclist, mountain biker or e-bike fan: With the breathtaking views that open up behind every bend, the heart of every biker beats a few octaves higher. Come along for a bike tour at the peak of emotions!

Why is the Hochkönig considered the peak of emotions among bikers?

One reason is the perfect conditions cyclists find here - for example the extensive network of cycle paths or the many charging stations for e-bikes in the valley and on the mountain. On the other hand, it is the scenic beauty and diversity that makes bikers from all over the world rave about this corner of the Salzburg Land. Rugged rock faces contrast with dark green forests, narrow mountain passes open up to lush alpine meadows where colorful wild flowers grow. This idyllic picture is completed by the three picturesque villages of the region: Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach. Anyone who has ever been a guest in this area knows that relaxation, enjoyment and adventure are as close together here as the wild peaks and pinnacles of the Hochkönig. One of the most impressive ways to experience the beauty of the Hochkönig region is on a bike tour. The "ii-Tour" leads to the most beautiful viewpoints on the Hochkönig and is easily mastered by everyone - regardless of age and physical condition.

E-Mountainbike-Mecca Hochkönig
Speaking of fitness: When it comes to biking with electric assistance, the region is way ahead. E-bikers can not only enjoy spectacular views of the Hochkönig, but also regular e-gas stations. The region has always played a pioneering role when it comes to e-bikes. It is the first region in the world to have a network of e-gas stations in the valley and on the mountain. So you are always well supplied on the designated e-mountain bike routes.

The "ii Tour": Panoramic tour in 5 stages
In the warm months of the year, when the wind brings the scent of wildflowers and the birds twitter in the trees, a bike tour on the Hochkönig is a special treat. But which tour should it be? There are many to choose from. A particularly beautiful and easy mountain bike tour is the "ii-Tour". The "ii Tour" is a 123 kilometer long panoramic tour that takes you through the villages of Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach, to huts and to magnificent vantage points. On this bike tour you will experience the varied beauty of the region around the 2,941-meter-high Hochkönig particularly intensively. Whether with or without an "E": biking pleasure is guaranteed on this tour along the impressive Hochkönig massif!

Stage 1: Maria Alm to Dienten via the local mountain Natrun
Let's go! You start in Maria Alm and tackle the first ascent - up to Natrun, the local mountain of the Almer. Via Hintermoos you continue to Hinterthal. There we recommend the first small break and a hike to the natural monument Triefen. Afterwards you saddle up again and ride the old felt path up to the Filzensattel. On a forest road you go over the Grüneggalm to Dienten. You still have plenty of energy? Then you can take a detour to the Reicheralm, above the Grüneggalm.

Stage 2: From Dienten to Mühlbach - Hike at the feet of His Majesty
The second day of your adventure tour takes you along the foot of the Hochkönig, over spectacular mountain passes and gentle alpine meadows, past romantic huts and wild gorges. Today's destination: the former mining village Mühlbach.

Stage 3: Rest day before the royal stage in the mountain village of the animals
From Mühlbach you can start another promising bike tour - via the Althaussattel to the Pronebenalm, one of many beautiful herbal mountain pastures on the Hochkönig. In Mühlbach itself there is also a lot to discover. For example the Erzweg, the show tunnel or the mining museum, but also the 3D hunting bow course, geochaching or a hike where you can watch marmots with a little luck.

Stage 4: Over the beautiful grass mountains from Mühlbach to Dienten
Freshly rested we continue on the ii-Tour. Today you start along the Mühlbach in the direction of Dienten. In the first part of this stage you cycle past alpine pastures and huts and up to the highest point of the day, the Wastlhöhe (1,737 meters). From there you continue on the beautiful high trail to the Bürglalm. Once you've reached the top, you can be happy: from now on the route is only downhill, down into the valley to Dienten!

Stage 5: From Dienten to Maria Alm: 3 summit crossings
The last stage has already arrived. It marks the highlight of the ii-Tour and is also its longest part. First you cross the felt saddle and then you get back to the Urslautal. From Hintermoos the route goes up via the Schwarzeckalm to the Grießbachalm and on to the Hundstein, the highest point of this stage at 2,117 meters. After you have rested a bit and enjoyed the view, you will descend again to Maria Alm. Would you like to end the last stage in a more comfortable way? Then you can alternatively take the direct descent from the Schwarzeckalm to Maria Alm.

The ii-Tour is as varied as the region itself and presents itself to all pleasure cyclists and e-mountainbikers. Not only will you get your money's worth, but you will also discover the highlights of the Hochkönig region - virtually by cycling past. What are you waiting for?