The Hochkönig - a high-alpine tour to the summit of emotions

I am finally queen of the summit

Even higher up, seeing much further and so close to the sky! I have fulfilled this dream by climbing the Hochkönig, the peak of emotions, this season!

For a long time we have been planning THIS ONE mountain tour. Now the weather is also playing along and together with my cousin I am going for this high alpine adventure on the Hochkönig. Did you know that it is the highest mountain (2941 m above sea level) in the region and can be climbed from several places? We chose the ascent from the Arthurhaus in Mühlbach. This is the easiest climb on the one hand, but the longest from a distance. We did not need any climbing equipment for this, but a good physical condition was really necessary!

A wonderful ascent with fantastic views
Very briefly summarized, the impressive ascent to the Matrashaus on the Hochkönig can be described like this: Early in the morning, the trail leads from the Arthurhaus along a gravel path to the Mitterfeldalm. But soon the terrain becomes more difficult and a narrow path leads over rough and smooth up into the rocky mountains. The first rays of sunshine of the day greet us at the height of the gate column and it is time for a first drinking break, a little refreshment and for a photo. We have already completed almost half of the route. And already we continue up to the edge of the glacier called "Übergossene Alm". Now we have to cross the glacier and we are really happy about our good shoes, the hiking sticks and sunglasses! But the flat firn field towards the summit costs us more energy than first thought! Our destination, the Matras House, is already in sight from here! What a fantastic view this mountain offers can hardly be described. Even before we climb the summit in its entirety, we sit down next to the path on a small rock and enjoy the moment with a view of a small mountain lake. The last ascent is a bit steeper but with ladders and ropes a well secured part of the way.

Finally we have reached the summit! We are higher than everything around us, we see further than before and we are so, so close to the sky! The special metal summit cross is beautiful and shines royally in the sun. The fabulous panorama is even more impressive than expected and for a moment it seems as if the world is at my feet!

The "here I am at home" feeling!
The wind blows strongly at this altitude and before we get too cold we find refuge in the matras house. Landlord Roman was already waiting for us, because we have reserved a sleeping place for this night. He briefly explains the procedure at the hut and shows us the accommodation. Of course we don't miss the comfortable sitting together with the other guests in the evening! Then we go to bed so that we can start our descent the next day well rested! This community, like the one on a mountain, is always something very special. Do you know what I am talking about? It's the "here I am at home" feeling!