Ski huts at the Hochkönig

Long live (pleasure) diversity!

Skiing and enjoyment simply belong together. Why the Hochkönig is known as the peak of emotions is something we really get to know again on our ski hut tour. It is not only the view of the majestic Hochkönig Massif, which puts every picture book in the shade, that has impressed us. But also the wonderful variety of pleasures - from down-to-earth to vegan, in traditional or modern huts. All there!

Whether traditional hut classics, regional specialties at the highest farmers' market in the Alps, wine enjoyment amidst snow-covered peaks or vegan specialties in traditional huts - at Hochkönig, enjoyment is at home. Fluffy Kaiserschmarrn or hearty Kasnocken, fresh Speckjause or fragrant Pofesen - here the water in our mouths already runs together while studying the menus.

Genuine Dahoam: Regional cuisine at the ski lodge
A total of 38 ski huts in the Hochkönig region are waiting to be discovered in culinary terms. Of these, 19 are in the Maria Alm area alone, eleven in the Mühlbach and eight in Dienten. Real Pongau specialties are served, for example, at the Karbachalm in Mühlbach. The Bauerngröstl with cabbage salad or the fresh Bauernkrapfen simply taste twice as good against the magnificent mountain panorama. By the way, the Karbachalm is also easy to reach without skis - it is only a few minutes away from the top station of the cable car Karbachalm. From the kitchen of the popular Steinbock Alm in Hochmais come traditional delicacies as well as fine vegetarian dishes, such as the Steinbock Alm Veggie-Burger. We also liked the homemade Buchteln very much. The beautiful hut, in which modern and traditional are combined in perfect harmony, is part of the "Via Culinaria - pleasure trail for hut stools".

Healthy and good: Vegan ski huts
Also the vegane offer in the ski huts becomes larger from year to year - finally ever more humans prefer culinary benefit without animal products. The Hochkönig region takes thereby a role of the pioneer, as we experience - it is the first certified vegane region in completely Austria. Ski huts that are classified as vegan huts must offer at least one vegan dish and drink. And it tastes - really good, even. The rusige Zapferl Alm in mill brook kredenzt vegane deliciousness before wonderful mountain panorama, just like the Tiergartenalm or the Fellersbachalm. In Maria Alm you can enjoy vegan or vegetarian food in the Tischlerhütte and on the Wastlalm.

Highly royal pleasure
Finally we stop at the Zapferl Alm, which is located directly at the Kings Cab gondola. Pleasantly tired from the day we make ourselves comfortable on the panorama terrace and stretch our legs. The dishes that pass us by smell wonderful. The service is friendly, the atmosphere very good, the view fantastic. A perfect end to a wonderful day of enjoyment at the Hochkönig.