Herbal smoothies: Spring recipes by Rosi Rainer

Our native wild herbs taste good and are healthy. So it makes perfect sense to use the spring herbs to make refreshing and creamy smoothies. Herbalist Rosi Rainer from Obersteghof in Maria Alm told us two of her fine wild herb recipes.

We meet Rosi in the small herb store of the Obersteghof in Maria Alm. In this cozy parlor with a view of the breathtaking mountain world of the Steinernes Meer, Rosi also holds her popular herb and ointment workshops from May to October. She has prepared two recipes for us: a quick recipe - a refreshing power drink made of chickweed and goutweed - and a vegan recipe, a creamy smoothie with fruits and spring herbs. It is wonderful to watch with what joy and passion Rosi does her work with the herbs. With bright eyes and always a smile on her lips, she mixes, stirs and blends the wild herb smoothies freshly. And we can testify: both varieties taste simply great!

Power drink made from chickweed and goutweed

The ingredients:

  • Buttermilk and orange juice, in equal parts
  • A handful of goutweed
  • A handful of Chickweed with its small star-shaped flowers tastes a little like young corn. The tender stems can be thrown into the blender.
  • A half banana

The preparation:
Mix everything well (Rosi's blender has a capacity of about ½ liters), season briefly and add some honey if necessary. For the decoration Rosi uses the slice of an orange and some herbs.
Enjoy fresh right away!

Vegan smoothie with fruits and spring herbs

The ingredients:

  • Cut 1 kiwi into small pieces
  • Cut 1/2 apple into small pieces
  • Cut 1 orange into small pieces
  • Cut 1/2 Banana into small pieces
  • ½ Avocado (contains valuable fats)
  • Juice of a ½ lemon
  • A handful of nettles
  • A handful of goutweed
  • A handful of chickweed
  • 1 tablespoon honey, Rosi uses local mountain honey from the region
  • Fill with mountain water

The preparation:
Mix everything well, season to taste, add some honey if necessary. For the decoration Rosi takes a slice of lemon and a few daisy flowers.

And then: enjoy!