Herbal scent and mountain air

My visit at the Königsbergalm

"I believe it is above all the unadulterated, down-to-earth things that the guests here with us like," says Wolfgang Hotter, and adds with a smile: "and of course nature itself. The nature, which is really not stingy up here with its charms. The Königsbergalm near Dienten is picturesquely embedded between the peaks of the Dientner Berge and surrounded by lush green alpine meadows.

Since 2003, the alpine pasture has been managed for guests and is accessible via a forest path. The path is also suitable for baby carriages - from the barrier at the Lindlweg it takes about one hour to get to the Königsbergalm. The Königsbergalm can also be reached from the Bürglalm via the Wastlhöhe, and it is especially beautiful via the Bürglalm cable car, which operates daily. In addition, there are many other unique hiking routes to and around the Königsbergalm to discover. But no matter which of the routes you choose: at the top you are always rewarded with a magnificent panorama. From the elevated terrace of the Königsbergalm at 1,325 meters you have a fantastic view of the valley and the surrounding mountains - from Bernkogel to Sonnblick and Hocharn. The hut itself is natural and rustic, the lush flower arrangements and fresh herbs give it an additional lovely charm. A wonderful mix that simply invites you to linger. So we settle down on a rustic bench made of old wood. Wolfgang and his daddy made the furniture themselves, we will learn later. The young farmer from Lindlbauerhof, which is only about three kilometers below the hut, also works as a carpenter and furnishing consultant. And you can see that here at the hut - also inside in the cosy parlour, which can accommodate up to 25 guests. Old meets new, modern meets rustic to form a harmonious whole - we encounter this liaison again and again at the Königsbergalm. And sometimes it is what makes this beautiful hut so attractive.

Enjoy the view and organic products
Speaking of liaison: The 31-year-old manages the Königsbergalm together with his parents Elisabeth and Herbert and his partner Daniela Pfisterer. Daniela teaches as a teacher, but is there with heart and hand when things get rough at the Königsbergalm during the summer months. With the beginning of the vacations the Königsbergalm opens its doors for hikers and excursion guests. Until the end of September you can enjoy the view and the homemade specialties. And then everyone helps together up here at the Königsbergalm: Sour cheese and cream cheese is homemade and served with fresh herbs, the organic milk is supplied by the ten cows that are allowed to enjoy the summer freshness on the alp from the end of May. Bacon and beef for the (great!) Almjause come from the own farm, and Elisabeth also bakes her own bread, wheat-free, from spelt and rye. Only high-quality products from farms are purchased, for example the meat from the Tauern lamb. The fluffy summer cake is of course baked by Elisabeth herself, the fresh farmer's doughnuts are contributed by Mama Elisabeth, and Papa Herbert also helps out wherever he is needed.

Herbs: more than a feast for the eyes and the palate
A special feature of the Königsbergalm is the large and high-quality range of homemade juices - from homemade stinging nettle juice to refreshing lemon balm juice, there is everything to make the heart of thirsty hikers beat faster. Herbs play an important role at the Königsbergalm: it is one of 16 herbal mountain pastures around the Hochkönig. Elisabeth Hotter, the mother of Wolfang, appreciated and used the power of herbs. She has always worked with herbs and produced various ointments and tinctures for humans and animals. She is all the more pleased that the two young farmers are reviving the old herbal knowledge and giving the herbs a stage on the Königsbergalm. Our Almjause is also beautifully decorated with fresh herbs and blossoms - after all, the eye eats with us!

Herbal scent and mountain air
After the delicious snack, the summer cake and a farmer's doughnut, we stretch our legs a bit before we go down again. Behind the hut there is a small playground with swings for children, and a panoramic pond with deck chairs for the adults. "When you lie in one of the deck chairs", Wolfgang tells us, "then all you see is the water, the meadows and the mountains. That's just terrific." Of course we have to try it right away. And it's really true: above us the sky, in front of us the water of the pond and behind us the mountain panorama. Nothing else. We breathe deeply - it smells of herbs and alpine pastures. It is beautiful here. We stay a little longer.