Mountainbike & MTB holiday at the Hochkönig, Salzburg
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Our 6 summer lifts will take you safely and comfortably up to the peak of emotions. Choose your own favorite tour among the numerous hiking routes - it will leave you wanting more!

Opening hours & prices


With the Hochkönig Card, you can enjoy a comprehensive offer of activities in our vacation & excursion region.

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Hochkönig Tour Finder Hochkönig Tour Finder
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Through the Hochkönig region in Salzburg on mountain bike

The most beautifil tours for MTB and eMTB

The MTB Eldorado in Salzburg
What a perfect biking experience! Mountain biking in the Hochkönig Region is the perfect adventure vacation on two wheels. Here wait more than 20 wonderful tours and the Flow One Flow Trail on motivated bikers.
Biking without luggage? Very easy on the Königstour. The luggage is already waiting in the next location.
E-bikes are on the rise. But one is well positioned in the world's first region with e-bike charging stations on the mountain.
The Hochkönig Card take both mountain bikers and their bikes free up with the cable car where the bike guides awaits you to the guided tour.
Let's go to the biking paradise Hochkönig!
Flowtrails at the Hochkönig
"FLOW ONE" flowtrail - Maria Alm
The over 2 km long, new flowtrail through forests and over fields promises pure riding fun and tons of "Wows" with an altitude change of 285 m.

The 4,2 km long new flowtrail in Dienten with a 550 m difference in altitude promises family fun pure!
The flowtrail was completed in August 2017.

Top Bike Offers
Kingly Biking
29.05.2020 - 04.10.2020
Mountainbiker in the Hochkönig region
from € 379.-
1 week bike holiday including luggage transfer
MTB and eMTB days
MTB and eMTB days
01.05.2020 - 01.11.2020
from € 240.-
Short stay bike-holidays including your bike rental
Guided MTB und eMTB tours
The weekly offered bike tours are free with the Hochkönig Card:
  • Guided eMTB tours (Start 10 am)- every tuesday and wednesday in Maria Alm / every tuesday an friday in Dienten
  • Guided MTB tours (Start 10am) - every monday in Maria Alm / every thursday in Dienten
  • Weekly intrudoction to the riding technic - every tuesday at 01 pm in Dienten / every tuesday at 2pm in Maria Alm 

Our bike guides also offer individually guided MTB and eMTB tours:
  • BikeMax: 20% discount with the Hochkönig Card on all MTB, racing bike, and eMTB tours as well as riding technique training. Registration at: Tel. +43 660 5773279
  • Porti Sport: 15% discount with the Hochkönig Card on MTB and eMTB tours, 10% discount with the Hochkönig Card on bike rental. Registration at: Tel. +43 6461 300-0
Bike transport
Bike transport with the summer lifts
Bike transport with the summer lift

Head comfortably up the mountain by gondola or chair lift and then continue your MTB or eMTB excursion or enjoy a downhill ride.
Summer lifts with bike transport:

  • Natrunbahn, Maria Alm
  • 6er Sesselbahn Schwarzeckalm, Maria Alm
  • 6er Sesselbahn Bürglalm, Dienten
  • Kabinenbahn Karbachalm, Mühlbach
Bike taxi
Sommer holidays and biking at the Hochkönig
In the Hochkönig region, local taxi companies offer a pick-up service for you and your bike (based on availability).
Free bike transport with the Hochkönig Card:
  • Taxi Eder Maria Alm +43 6584 7191
  • Taxi Schösswendter, Maria Alm, +43 6584 2121
  • Taxi Schwaiger, Mühlbach, +43 6467 7249
MTB- and E-MTB rental

Whether you bring your own bike and need spare parts or repairs, or if you prefer to rent a MTB or eMTB: you will get expert bike advice here.

Bike rental 10% discount with the Hochkönig Card:

  • Maria Alm: Intersport, Sport Löb, Sport Mayer
  • Dienten: Porti Sport
  • Mühlbach: BK Bike
To guarantee a fair and safe together of biking and hiking

1. Health check

Mountain biking is an endurance sport. Ensure that you are in good health and don’t overestimate your capabilities!

2. Careful planning

Make thorough preparations (maps, books, internet, weather) and adjust your tour in line with the conditions!

3. Only use approved routes

Only ride on roads and paths that are open to bikers and respect local restrictions!

4. Check your bike

Check the brakes, air pressure, tyres, suspension and gearshift each time before heading off. Have your bike checked by an expert once a year!

5. Fully equipped

No rucksack should be without the following: warm clothing, rain protection, repair kit, first aid kit, mobile phone, light, gloves, eyewear, food and drinks!

6. Always wear a helmet

Whether heading uphill or downhill, always wear a helmet! Additional protectors can help prevent injury.

7. Pedestrians have the right of way

Be a considerate rider by announcing your presence early and reducing your speed. Keep away from hiking paths with lots of walkers!

8. Check your speed

Adjust your speed to the conditions and always be ready to use your brakes!

9. Keep it clean

Controlled braking prevents soil erosion and damage to the paths. Be sure to pick up your rubbish and don’t make too much noise!

10. Show compassion for animals

Ride during daylight hours to avoid disturbing the animals. Approach at walking pace and close pasture fences after passing through!