Herb hiking at the Hochkönig, Salzburg
Kräutern auf der Spur
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Our 6 summer lifts will take you safely and comfortably up to the peak of emotions. Choose your own favorite tour among the numerous hiking routes - it will leave you wanting more!

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With the Hochkönig Card, you can enjoy a comprehensive offer of activities in our vacation & excursion region.

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The green nine

Long distance hike at the Hochkönig

The trail
View along the hike

On this wonderful long-distance hike, there are 6 stages with 16 herb hill farms in the Hochkönig region. Awaiting you are summit climbs, panoramic views, and delicious culinary refreshments.

Luggage transfer
Enoy nature

The long-distance herb hike also offers a special service: luggage transport from the destination of one stage to the next. 
You can thus enjoy your day tour carefree and with no luggage to weigh you down.

The green nine
Herb hill farms in Salzburg

On an herb hike in the Hochkönig region, you can learn everything about local wild herbs and their preparation. Discover the Hochkönig herb hill farms with their natural and traditional offers.  

Your hosts

During your long-distance hike, you will feel like you’re sleeping on clouds in our beautiful 4-star hotels. If you prefer a more rustic atmosphere, you can also stay at one of our hill farms. You can inquire about accommodation info anytime.

The Stages
Stage 1

Pure herb feeling
Difficulty: easy
Route: 18.5km, duration: 7 hrs.
Ascent: 1.056 m
Detailed route description

Stage 2
Herb panorama tour
Difficulty: intermediate
Route 13.3 km, duration: 5 hrs.
Ascent: 746 m
Detailed route description

Stage 3

Herb secrets with summit climbs
Difficulty: intermediate
Route: 18,7 km, duration: 7 hrs.
Ascent: 778m,
Detailed route description

Stage 4

Difficulty: difficult
Route: 20,5 km, duration: 7 hrs.
Ascent: 682 m
Detailed route description

Stage 5

Herb hiking with a view
Difficulty: intermediate
Route: 19,1 km, duration: 7 hrs.
Ascent: 1034 m
Detailed route description

Stage 6
Herb hiking with a view
Difficulty: intermediate
Route: 18,6 km, duration: 6 hrs.
Ascent: 856 m
Detailed route description
Complete Overview

You can find information about the whole tour here.
Detailed route description

Herb hiking holiday at the Hochkönig
All herb hill farms, all herb hikes, and all parking areas for the hikes are viewable on the map.
Herb specialists
Herb specialists in Salzburg
In these hotels, everything revolves around herbs - enjoy a perfect vacation with special offers from our herb specialists.
Awarded idea
Award for herb hiking in Salzburg
With the herb hiking project, the Hochkönig region won the Salzburg Regionality Prize and came in 3rd with the Zipfer Tourism Prize in 2013!
Animal Storys
Animal Storys
Alpine pastures, herbs and flowers, generations of legends and myths around the imposing mountains of the Hochkönig. Fabulous pet stories, imaginative and humorous, packaged on 72 pages. EUR 19.80
All herb hikes at a glance