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Nachmittag 16°C


Samstag 3°C

Unsere sechs Sommerbahnen bringen Sie sicher und komfortabel ganz nahe an Ihren Gipfel der Gefühle.

Wählen Sie zwischen zahlreichen Wanderrouten Ihre persönliche Lieblingstour und bekommen Sie ganz schnell Lust auf mehr!

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Culinary Königstours im summer

Three culinary tours for gourmets on e-bikes

Enjoy the culinary Königstours with an e-bike! What these tours have to offer bikers is simply breathtaking: gorgeous panoramas and the best cuisine on the peak of emotions.
You can experience specially selected tours that will take you and your taste buds from hut to hut on bike with a skilled guide and culinary highlights. With a variety of tour themes – Mountaineers, Sleepy Birds, & Pure Nature – there is something to suit every taste and every physical fitness level.
Our tip: the “Culinary Königstours” are also available as a gift certificate – a special present with which you can give a special person the gift of pure joy.

Gipfelstürmer Tour
This day perfectly combines 3 things that we love – biking, magnificent nature, and delicious food. A 4-course menu awaits you at 4 stations on this enjoyable hut tour around Maria Alm. Your guide Max from the bike school in Maria Alm will be your constant companion on the tour. Starting with an appetizer of cheese dumpling soup on the Aberg at the Wastlalm and then with a farmhouse salad on the summit of the Dirndlalm, you will already be replenished with energy for the next stage of the tour. We will head towards Hintermoos to the Wiesenstadl, where you will be pampered with Kaiserschmarrn pancakes, and then we will tackle the last ascent to the TOM Almhütte on the Natrun. Along with a variety of cheeses, a well-earned sundowner drink also awaits you here! If your mouth is watering, then this tour is perfect for you!

Every Thursday at 9 a.m - tourist office Maria Alm
Price  84,00 € (discounted rate with Hochkönig Card: 76,00 €)
Price per person including the bike guide, technik training & Menu / excluding e-bike (this can be booked with Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH for a special rate)

Wastlalm – Maria Alm
The fireplace lounge in the Wastlalm seats around 35 guests. You can therefore enjoy their herbal cheese dumpling soup in a small, cozy atmosphere. In addition to regional homestyle cooking and herbal cuisine, vegan dishes are also offered.  
Dirndlalm – Maria Alm
Among bikers, the 2,117 m high local mountain, the Hundstein, turns out to be an all-rounder in the mountains. The Hundstein is Europe’s highest grass mountain accessible by e-bike via the Aberg. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama along with traditional cuisine. In any case, every bike tour will be a nature-filled and mouth-watering experience during your summer vacation in Maria Alm.  

Wiesenstadl - Maria Alm
Kaiserschmarren – with this word, not only will you win the game of hangman, but you will also be transported to a culinary heaven. The hut is located 50 m above the Hintermoos valley station, and the best place to enjoy dessert is on the comfortable sunny terrace.

TOMAlmhütte – Maria Alm
There are many huts, but none are as special as the tom Almhütte at an elevation of 1,166m. This may be due to the fact that no other alpine hut has a pug as its mascot. Along with a spectacular mountain panorama, you will also find a portion of good taste: modern architecture is combined with rustic hut charm, and the fizziness of the sundowner drink is specially made.   

Sleepy Birds Tour
For late sleepers, e-biking and regional culinary enjoyment are the highlights of this eventful day around legend-filled Dienten. Along mountain streams and beautiful forest stretches, you can explore our wonderful region leisurely on bike with our bike guide Max. After conquering the first vertical meters, you will be pampered with smoked beef along with pumpkin seeds and “real” farmhouse bread at the Moosalm.  After a well-deserved rest, we will continue to the Königsbergalm, where you will be rewarded with a traditional farmhouse platter! After relaxing on a short downhill ride, you can head up the last vertical meters full of energy. At the Edelbrennerei Grünegg, you can enjoy homemade desserts. Our tip: share a toast with your loved ones with the “Blueberry Highking Gin”.

Every Saturday at 11 a.m -  tourist office Dienten
Price  72,00 € (discounted rate with Hochkönig Card: 65,00 €)
Price per person including the bike guide, technik training & Menu / excluding e-bike (this can be booked with Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH for a special rate)
Moosalm - Dienten
With the motto “simply move something from your to-do list to the list of things you’ve actually done and take a walk to the Moosalm”, the Moosalm will pamper you with smoked beef along with pumpkin seeds and farmhouse bread. The hut is located in the Schwarzenbachgraben at an elevation of 1,386 m.

Königsbergalm – Dienten
The hut is magnificently renovated, and the Hotter family from Lindlbauern in Dienten conjures up hearty snacks and fine delicacies for guests with products from their own hill farm. The beautiful view of the Bernkogel, Sonnblick, and Hocharn surrounds this hut

Grünegg Alm - Dienten
Enjoy your vacation in the gorgeous alpine world around the Grünegg Alm.
The family-run business is located at an elevation of 1,190 m in the wonderful village of Dienten. As the perfect conclusion to your day, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Hochkönig Massif. Our tip: visit the new distillery, the Hochkönig Edelbrennerei, and try award-winning delicacies.

Natur Pur Tour
You can discover pristine nature, lust pastures, vast meadows, and magical forests along this wonderful herb & e-bike tour around the Hinterthal and Dienten.  Today’s cosmetic industry makes use of the herbal hype and mixes everything from marjoram and peppermint into care products. But what herbs are better suited for is to give dishes a special touch. A delicious culinary treat of fresh herbs is awaiting you in select huts along the guided e-bike tour. From chive bread at the Gabühelhütte and herbal cream cheese pancakes at the Zachhofalm to homemade herb cheese bread at the Dientalm, there is something to satisfy every connoisseur. Let yourself be captivated by the simple, high-quality, and mouth-watering dishes along our herb tour.   

Every Friday at 9 a.m - Sport Mayer in Hinterthal
Price  68,00 € (discounted rate with Hochkönig Card: 62,00 €)
Price per person including the bike guide, technik training & Menu / excluding e-bike (this can be booked with Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH for a special rate)

Beschreibung Menü & Tour

Gabühelhütte – Dienten
The Gabühelalm is located at an elevation of 1620 m only 200 m below the new summit station of the Gabühel lift. Hut host Klara serves the 1st course of the 3-course herb menu – a simple but very delicious chive bread. Another rewarding reason to visit this hut is host Klara’s specialty – her highly praised farmhouse donuts. 

Zachhofalm – Dienten
“Herbs, wild game, and ORGANIC” – this is the cuisine at the Zachhofalm. All products and dishes impress with their quality, taste, and well-being. The food comes from their own ORGANIC farm, the Dachegg. Enjoy a time-out in the middle of pristine nature with freshly prepared herbal cream cheese pancakes.

Dientalm – Mühlbach 
The Dientalm – a real, traditional hill farm – is located between Mühlbach am Hochkönig and Dienten right on the Dienten Saddle at an elevation of 1,400 m. Here, cows are still led to the pastures by local farmers and as long as no misfortune occurs during the alpine summer, they are adorned and driven back down to the valley in a festive procession at the end of September. Dairymaid Gretl uses fresh milk from grazing cattle to make tasty cheeses.