TTrail running and running at the Hochkönig, holiday in Salzburg
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Our 6 summer lifts will take you safely and comfortably up to the peak of emotions. Choose your own favorite tour among the numerous hiking routes - it will leave you wanting more!

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Running across country on the Hochkönig

Trail running in the gorgeous mountain scenery of Salzburg

Splendid mountain panorama
Running on gravel, forest, and field paths in the middle of magnificent nature with the impressive panorama of the Hochkönig always in sight.
Diverse training routes
The beautiful forest and field trails in the Hochkönig region serve as optimal training terrain. Whether 4 or 24 km, 100 or 1500 vertical meters - there is something for everyone.
Hochkönigman - trail running event
Sweat, compete, and have fun: it's the Hochkönigman! There are 84 km and 5000 vertical meters to conquer.
Kumpellauf - a traditional run
The tradition of the Kumpellauf goes back to the times of mining in Mühlbach, and this running event was resumed in 2005.
Running through Salzburg's mountain panorama

With trail running, you run on gravel, through forests, and across fields in open terrain. With a variety of routes and an extraordinary alpine panorama, the Hochkönig region is made just for this. Three important trail running events take place each year on the Hochkönig. The Hochkönigman is impressive with its length of 198 km and 12.639 vertical meters. The greatest challenge is presented by the Salomon 4 Trails – this consists of 4 days with 160 km and 10,000 vertical meters leading from Germany to Austria. The historic Kumpellauf is reminiscent of the mining period in Mühlbach. What is your favorite tour on the Hochkönig?

Hochkönigman 04.- 06th of june 2021
Mountain runners compete against one another on four trails of different distances, and the Marathon Trail is also part of the Austrian Trail Running Championship:
  • Easy Trail - Maria Alm - 9,3 km / 300 vertical meters
  • Speed Trail - Maria Alm - 23.57 km / 1,441 vertical meters
  • Marathon Trail - Maria Alm and Dienten - 46.94 km / 2,751 vertical meters
  • Endurance Trail - Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach - 84.24 km / 4,916 vertical meters
  • Skyrace - Maria Alm

Click here for more information and registration.
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Easy Trail
Salming Speed Trail
B´jaks Marathon Trail
Raidlight Endurance Trail
Kids trail
Cross Warrior
Hochkönig Kumpellauf Trail Running

Trail run in Mühlbach with history
25,28 km / 753 m vertical gain / 1,394 m descent.

Route: Arthurhaus-4 Hütten-Birgkar-Karbachalm-Althaussattel-Pronebenalm-

The traditional Kumpellauf has always led the miners along the Hochkönig and the Schneeberg and still attracts top athletes from near and far. In 2005, the spectacular and unique mountain run was reactivated and demands everything from the participants. The route along the mountain huts and lodges and the acclaimed finish line make the Kumpellauf an unforgettable experience.

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