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Vacations in times of the pandemic require good cooperation and understanding between restaurants and guests. But it's quite simple: Let's consciously show consideration for each other and thus protect each other. Do it, for your own health, for the health of other holidaymakers and for the health of the locals.

This winter, our ski huts are focusing on table reservations with corresponding reception areas for seat assignments. In this way, all safety, hygiene and distance rules can be observed in the best possible way. In addition, a separate registration system for contact tracing in all catering establishments ensures your personal safety.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Until the Green Pass can be used in Austria, the following previous proofs of admission may be presented or accepted as of 19 May:

Tested: officially recognised negative test results.
Vaccinated: confirmation of vaccination status by means of a paper vaccination certificate.
Convalescent: a certificate of segregation or a medical confirmation of an infection that has occurred in the past six months and has currently expired.

At all locations where the 3-G rule (tested, vaccinated, convalescent) applies, the mask requirement is generally waived. This also applies to employees in those areas where 3-G proof is provided. The obligation to maintain the minimum distance to other persons is not applicable.t.

There is a registration obligation in all gastronomic establishments. By scanning a QR Code you can easily and uncomplicatedly register in the digital guestbook (data protection law) in the respective establishments. If a positive tested person has registered at the same time at the same place, you as a guest will be informed about this positive case via SMS or email and asked to check your state of health.

As of July 1, there is no longer an early curfew.