Königstage in Hochkönig Skiregion
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Fridge Festival & Königstage - the skiing event on the Hochkönig


Fridge Festival

The big air and music festival makes your weekend unforgettable.

Formation skiing workshop

Carving down the mountain in a group in sync like the pros: our ski instructors will teach you how to do this. 

Landing Pad

In the Blue Tomato Kings Park, you can try out new tricks on the giant landing pad during this weekend. 

Race training with Schild Skiracing

Train like Marlies and Bernadette Schild with the experts of Schild Skiracing. 

Ö3 Pistenbully

Party and good mood on the slopes with Ö3 pistenbully.

Freeride Safety Camp

Freeriding insider Markus Hirnböck from the Alpine Ski School will show you proper technique and safety in the deep snow.  

Fridge Festival Hochkönig
Fridge Festival - Big Air and international music acts, your perfect party weekend
Fridge Festival - Big Air and international music acts, your perfect party weekend
Fridge Festival - Big Air and international music acts, your perfect party weekend
On 14 January 2017 national and international top acts will take place at the Fridge Festival in Hinterthal - Hochkönig region. The British-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker, the dupstep star DJ Borgore and the Viennese duo MÖWE are already confirmed. Further the Rapper Dame will inspire the homebase in the Salzburger Land. In addition to these top acts, several well-known DJs have already been invited to the Warmup in various locations on Friday, 13 January 2017. Visitors with Fridge Festivalticket receive free admission and further Fridge Specials.
The highlight of the festival weekend is Saturday. From 4 pm the Winterfestival starts with a breathtaking program that combines extreme sports and the finest musical sound. National and international riders (Fresski & Snowboard) present their best Big Air Stunts on the specially built 40m Fridge Ramp, while visitors start an unforgettable party experience.

Tickets are available:

  • Tourist office Maria Alm
  • Tourist office Dienten
  • Tourist office Mühlbach
  • Intersport Maria Alm
  • Sport 2000 Simon Saalfelden
  • direct in some hotels

ticketprice: € 29,-
VIP-ticketprice: € 69,-
Fridge Festival Hochkönig
Ö3 Pistenbully

An original PistenBully 600 Park converted to an oversized sound machine. The Ö3-PistenBully brings the best music mix directly to the slopes. Welcome service, chill-out, après-ski party and Ö3-DJs live on slope - the best supporting program for a perfect day in the snow.

When? Sunday, January 15, 2016

Atomic Skitest
Test the latest skis of Atomic

Try out the latest ski models when carving down the slopes at our Atomic ski test center. The choice is yours!

Where? Atomic ski test center at the Bärmooshütte, Bürglalm lift valley station, and Fellersbachalm

Schild Skiracing
Train with Schild Skiracing

On the Marlies-Schild race route in Dienten during the Hochkönig Days weekend, guests have the unique opportunity to experience professional race training with Schild Skiracing. The renowned racing school and its team will share first-class insider's tips with you.

Marlies Schild race route, Bürglalm lift

Freeride Safety Camps
Learn  about LVS check and co. at the Freeride Safety Camp

The deep snow professionals at the Maria Alm Alpine Ski School will share their extensive knowledge about avalanche warning levels, slope position, snow conditions, and equipment with you.

Where? Summit station of the Aberg gondola, freeride info point 

Landing Pad
Landing Pad in Blue Tomato Kings Park in Mühlbach

Awaiting those looking for a kick of adrenaline in the BlueTomatoKingsPark is the huge landing pad of the Progression Tour, where you can try out the latest tricks.

Where? Blue Tomato Kings Park

Snowbike Testcenter
Snowbiking at Hochkönig skiregion

Harald Brenter, the grandson of the inventor of the snow bike, will be present during the Hochkönig Days and will offer you the opportunity to try out this simple but fascinating sport.

Where? Schönanger lift

Snow sculptures on the event weekend

Impressive snow sculptures will amaze skiers. Each year, artists from the surrounding areas conjure up new marvels made of snow. In Mühlbach, you can watch live as the sculptures are being created.

Where? Sinalco lift summit station, Holzknechthütte, Kings Cab summit station, and Fellersbachalm 

Inside Tour
Pumping station af Bürglalm reservoir in Dienten

You can visit the Bürglalm lift together with the lift managers. Then, they will show you the pumping station of the Bürglalm reservoir and will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the ski area.

Where? Ticket office area of the Bürglalm lift 

Open Door Day
Reparation of a snow groomer

The slope equipment garage and workshop on the Aberg, which was built in 2014, are open to all guests on this weekend. The garage houses our snow-grooming vehicles, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology (hydraulic lifts, etc.). You can inspect the slope equipment and Skidoos up-close and get to know our team. Never has such insight been available to our guests before. 

Where? Snow-grooming vehicle garage and workshop on the Aberg, below the Bärmooshütte

Königstage Menu
Sharron Levy live at Steinbockalm

On this weekend, select huts offer local specialties that can't be found on any other menu. There will also be live music.

The following huts participate:

  • Abergalm | Bärmooshütte | Wiesnstadl | Steinbockalm
  • Fellersbachalm | Karbachalm | Tiergartenalm
Photo Shoot
Freestyle tricks in Blue Tomato Kings Park

In the Blue Tomato Kings Park, a photographer is awaiting to capture the breathtaking stunts of the numerous freestylers. All photos are available online.

Where? Blue Tomato Kings Park

Children's Program
Girl in Hochkönig skiregion

We are having an exciting gondola quiz and magical tricks during the gondola ride. In the afternoon we distribute a small reminder gift in the parking area between 3 and 4 pm.

Where? Kings Cab and Aberg gondola

Formation Skiing
Formation Skiing Team Maria Alm

Synchronized formation skiing not only looks impressive, but it is also tons of fun. Team spirit is clearly the focus. Our ski instructors know what it takes to deliver a perfect show and will rehearse a formation ride with you.

Where? At all Atomic ski test centers 

Ski Check
Get your ski checked at Königstage

On the Hochkönig Days weekend, local sports retailers offer a free ski check. You can have your skis examined and make sure the edges are sharpened and the bindings fit. Ski service is also offered for a special price of € 15.

Where? Intersport Maria Alm, Sport 2000 Maria Alm, Porti Sport Dienten, Sport Klaus Mühlbach 

Free Tips & Tricks
Our instructors give you tips

How can I perfect my skiing? The ski instructors have the answer to this question. They will be available on Saturday and Sunday and are happy to share insider information with you so that you can enjoy carving down the slopes to the fullest.

Where? At all Atomic ski test centers