Ski circuit Königstour in Hochkönig, Ski amadé, Austria
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MARIA ALM   36/36     17/17   70cm 160cm
DIENTEN   20/20     7/7   70cm 160cm
MÜHLBACH   26/27     8/8   70cm 160cm
ALL   82/83     32/32  
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Königstour on the Hochkönig in Salzburg

A ski tour with 5 summits, 6,700 vertical meters, and a breathtaking panorama

Most beautiful ski tour in the Alps

It was awarded as the best ski tour in the Alps by the world's largest test portal for ski areas. 

5 summits in one day

6,700 vertical meters - 32 km of slopes - 3 towns - 5 summits. 

The Königstour in the Hochkönig ski area is worthy of its excellent reputation and ranks up there with the "Sella Ronda" and "Weiße Ring". What this region has to offer skiers is simply breathtaking: 5 summits, 32 km of continuous slopes, and 6,700 vertical meters. The ski tour is one of the most impressive in the Alps and features gorgeous alpine panoramas with views of the Hochkönig and the Steinernes Meer. has crowned the Königstour as the winner in the "best ski tour" category and rightly so, because it will awaken feelings of elation and exhilaration.

Basic info for the Königstour:

– 5 summits
– 32 km of slopes
– 6,700 vertical meters
– Seamless connections
– Splendid panorama

The route
Experience the entire Hochkönig ski area in only 1 day!

You can start the Königstour anywhere; it doesn't matter if your starting point is Maria Alm, Mühlbach, or Dienten. The excellently signposted slopes will lead you to the highlights of the Königstour.

The entire tour is marked with yellow or orange arrows. Get your first impression with our overview map. The slope map for the Königstour is available for free at all ticket offices. 

Fridge Festival & Königstage
Enjoy a weekend that you will never forget. At the Fridge Festival Hochkönig in Hinterthal you will find the perfect mixture of big air and music. National and international riders (freeskiing and snowboarding) show their best big air stunts while musical top acts really heat up the audience. Alan Walker, Borgore, MÖWE and Dame are waiting for you!

In addition, on Königstage weekend we offer race training with Schild Skiracing, an ATOMIC Skitest, Freeride Safety Camps, Formation Skiing Workshops, the Landing Pad of Progression Tour and Ö3 Pistenbully.
Photopoint Aberg, Maria Alm

At the highest point along the Königstour you will find a photopoint. It provides the perfect reminder photo, even without your own camera. Let yourself be photographed on one of our thrones with the breathtaking panorama.

The self-timer is simply triggered with the skipass. All photos can be downloaded or shared at
Front row seats along the Königstour
5 sensory experience points along the Königstour in the Hochkönig Ski Area

Everyone has their favorite spot: a comfy bench at a rustic hut, a blooming meadow at a hill farm, or a gorgeous viewing point among rugged rocks. There may be many places where you simply feel great and therefore linger a little longer. When you open your heart and enjoy life to the fullest, then you have truly found your favorite place. Simply add a magnificent view to this equation, and then you have a front row seat to the beauty of life. In the Hochkönig region, there are many such places. Here, you can experience a peak of emotions! We aren't quite sure where your favorite spot will be, but we can make a few suggestions. In the Hochkönig ski area along the Königstour from Maria Alm and Dienten to Mühlbach, you will find your own front row seat, which is just waiting to be discovered by you during your winter vacation. The gianten wooden thrones which marks these spots are also perfect for vacation photos. 

23.03.2017 - 26.03.2017
Thrilling, exciting & adventurous
23.03.2017 - 26.03.2017
On this weekend you can discover various craft beers on the slopes and in selected restaurants. DJ sounds and modern bars invite you to stop.