Ski tours Hochkönig, winter vacation, Salzburg
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The peak of emotions

Ski touring path
Located on the Hochkeil at the Arthurhaus in Mühlbach with tips and tricks for beginners and those returning to the sport.
Ski touring discounts

On guided ski tours with the Hochkönig Card.

Sunset tours
On open ski slopes in the evening.
Ski tours with a gorgeous mountain panorama

Incomparable views of the unique alpine world.

Salzburg's ski touring paradise

Ski touring in the Hochkönig region is a marvelous experience! The possibilities for touring are numerous: sunset tours on select slopes offered just for ski touring, guided ski tours on the Hundstein (Europe's highest grass mountain), and a huge area where you can carve down deep snow-covered slopes alone and away from the hustle and bustle. And all of this is offered in the middle of an unparalleled mountain panorama.

Beginners and those returning to the sport can practice their skills on the ski tour trail. As you can see, these are optimal conditions so that you can experience genuine feelings of happiness.

Hochkönig power days
07.01.2017 - 27.01.2017
from € 1,039.-

The variety-packed Ski vacation in the Hochkönig region with ...

  • 5 nights in booked category
  • 5-days ski pass
  • 5 days ski/ board hire
  • Guide for 4 days
  • Introduction to ski touring with guide incl. hire
  • tobogganing
  • final ski racing
Sunset tours
Ski tours under the starry sky - selected pists & ski huts are open until 20 or 22 p.m. on wednesday, thursday and saturday.
Bürglalm Talstation / Dienten (until march 01)
Pist No. 14 open from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Open ski hut: Bürglalm
Abergbahn valley station / Maria Alm
Pist No. 10/22/23 open until 10 p.m.
Open ski huts: Abergalm, Tischlerhütte, Wastlalm

valley station / Mühlbach (until Feb. 29)
Pist No. 1/1a open until 8:30 p.m. 
Open ski huts: Fellersbachalm, Scheppalalm, Zapferlalm

Hochkeil /Mühlbach, Skitouring path
Arthurhaus open until 9 p.m.

Hochmaisbahn valley station /Maria Alm
Pist No. 29 open until 10 p.m.
Open ski huts: Hochmaisalm, Steinbockalm


Schwarzeckalmbahn valley station / Maria Alm
Pist No. 19 open until 10 p.m.
Open ski hut: Thoraualm

Guided ski tours
Weekly guided ski tours.
Individually guided ski tours.
Maria Alm

Ski touring day to the Hundstein
Every wednesday / Alpinskischule Maria Alm.
Registration: +43 664 4411206  / Discount with the Hochkönig Card

Inclusive: guiding by a mountain- and ski guide and the emergency equipment. Ski equipment can be rented.

Individually guided ski tours
Alpinskischule Maria Alm +43 664 4411206
Skischule Edelweiss +43 664 9193801
Discount with the Hochkönig Card

Individually guided ski tours

Schischule Dienten +43 664 2068206
Skischule Top Dienten +43 650 5579259

Discount with the Hochkönig Card


Guided ski touring lesson
Every wednesday Skischule Mühlbach/Sport Klaus
Registration: +43 6467 7240

Individually guided ski tours
Skischule Mühlbach +43 6467 7240
Staatlich geprüfte Berg-und Skiführer
Martin Franzl + 43 664 4108647
Peter Gamsjäger +43 676 86860228
Konrad Kössler +43 664 11726180

Ski tour fun
4th ski tour race on the Hochkönig
Laid-back, enjoyable, and tons of fun is the motto for the ski tour race in Mühlbach am Hochkönig.
The average time wins!
All participants can look forward to great prizes.

The name says it all for this ski touring event hosted by Mühlbach Mountain Rescue: laid-back, enjoyable, and tons of fun, because it’s not the fastest that win but those with the best average time!

Start: 1 pm at the Scheppalalm
Destination: Fellersbachalm 4.5 km / 500 vertical meters
Entry fee: adults €20, children up to 15 yrs. old €12
Registration deadline: March 17th, 2017

Starter packet and prize giveaway for all participants.
Grand prize for the best average time for kids, women, and men.
Small accolade for the fastest.

On March 18th, Mühlbach Mountain Rescue is organizing the 4th ski touring event for all ski touring lovers.
Awards are awaiting those with the best average time, participants can try out new touring equipment, and everyone can look forward to the raffle with top prizes.  
The fun starts at 9 am in the area of the Scheppalalm near the valley station of the Hochkönig lifts in Mühlbach, where you can test equipment from brands such as Dynafit, Blizzard, and Atomic.
For this race with over 500 vertical meters and a length of 4.5 km, it’s not about who’s the fastest by a hundredth of a second, but the focus is having fun with touring. At the refreshment station, there is food and drinks for participants, and because the prize goes to the best average time, you can indulge in a break along the way.
The huge awards ceremony takes place at the Fellersbachalm right after the race. There is a small recognition of the fastest racers, and for the tourers who are the closest to the average time in their category, there is a grand prize. Of course, everyone can look forward to the raffle with high-quality prizes from Hervis, Dynafit, and many other sponsors.
Since the concept of laid-back, leisurely sporting events has become very popular over the last few years, the number of people at the starting line is limited to 600 participants this year. The Mühlbach Mountain Rescue team lead by Peter Gamsjäger has already launched a successful advertising campaign, and all the slots are currently filled up. The ski tour race is one of the largest touring events throughout the state of Salzburg.
You can still register at, where there is a waiting list.
Mühlbach Mountain Rescue is looking forward to seeing all the participants as well as a fun and enjoyable ski touring event on the Hochkönig.


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