Vacation with your dog, Mountain village of animals, Salzburg
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Our 6 summer lifts will take you safely and comfortably up to the peak of emotions. Choose your own favorite tour among the numerous hiking routes - it will leave you wanting more!

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With the Hochkönig Card, you can enjoy a comprehensive offer of activities in our vacation & excursion region.

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Mountain Village of Animals

A special family vacation in Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Farms and open barn day

Open Barn Day is an experience for the whole family! Our farmers look forward to seeing you!

Petting zoos
You will find our petting zoos spread out over the entire village. Is a pot-bellied pig ticklish on its stomach? Can goats climb? Find out in the Mountain Village of Animals!
Experiences with animals
Do you dare your mom and dad  to milk a cow? ;) How about it? Have tons of fun and earn a certificate for helping out on the farm!
Marmot Path

At the Arthurhaus is the great Marmot Path. Stop by and visit our fun mascot Manfred the marmot and his family.

Equine-centered education

Get to know the horse as your partner in playful ways and have fun with animals and movement in the great outdoors. Whether a young beginner or an advanced rider, everyone will find riding instruction suited just for them.

Dog course

A play area just for dogs with a dog course, dog-friendly accommodations, dog training, and great hiking paths for the perfect vacation with your four-legged friend.

Where children's pulses race with excitement!
Family friendly holidays in Mühlbach am Hochkönig Salzburg

These are the special moments that make a family vacation together in the Mountain Village of Animals so unforgettable. Here in Mühlbach am Hochkönig, we have more animals than residents, so we call it the "Mountain Village of Animals".

Enjoy the mountains, the fragrant alpine meadows, crystal-clear streams, enchanted forests, and rustic alpine huts.

You will find not only cats, cows, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens here but also ponies, pot-bellied pigs, alpacas, guinea pigs, a donkey, rabbits … and we can't forget our star, "Manfred the marmot" along with his "Fraufred" and the whole family. At the Arthurhaus, you will find the "Marmot Path", which is an easy hike for the little guests.

Family vacation in the mountain village
Archery park in Mühlbach

A vacation in the Mountain Village of Animals is rich in variety and full of fun. You can go ahead and look forward to your next hiking vacation here. There is so much to discover whether in our petting zoos, with children's climbing, children's fishing, on the 3D archery course, in the slackline park, or with the Open Barn Day on the farm. There are many options to explore.

Why does a cow actually moo? Do all cows moo? :) Where does milk come from? And what does milk have to do with cheese?

Find out the answer to all these questions for yourself with the children's program in the Mountain Village of Animals. Speaking of "finding"... Our geocaching "Highking Code" is for treasure hunters. You can head out on your search with a GPS device (available from us) and coordinates. This fascinating trail leads you and your GPS through the three villages of Mühlbach am Hochkönig, Dienten, and Maria Alm.

Open barn day at Dientalm in Mühlbach
Mountaincart in Mühlbach, Hochkönig
Geocaching Highking Code GPS hiking Mühlbach on the Hochkönig
Leisurely or fast-paced? Or both?
Flying Fox at Arthurhaus Mühlbach at Hochkönig Salzburg

After heading comfortably up the mountain on the lift, do you dare to race down into the valley on mountain cart or to try out the Flying Fox and feel the freedom of soaring like a bird through the forest? In winter, these lifts are also your admission ticket to the fantastic Hochkönig ski region with the legendary Königstour.

You can go on a hike with the kids along our Path of Carved Animals or the Ant Trail to one of the many rustic huts with their delicious regional delicacies. The Salzburger Almenweg is also one of our popular hiking paths. It leads along a wonderful hiking tour through the beautiful Mühlbach am Hochkönig.

Mountainbike and Ebike Tours at Hochkönig

If you would like to explore by mountain bike or e-bike, that's no problem! Our village is very popular with athletes in summer as well as winter. Our bike tours offer gorgeous views of the impressive Hochkönig and the Mandlwand.

The "I am the king of the world" feeling ensures a holiday on the peak of emotions!

A little tip: you can experience the peak of emotions, the Hochkönig itself, on one of the guided mountain tours in a group!

Aren't these all great reasons to book your next vacation here in the Austrian Alps? Whether a vacation apartment, guesthouse, hotel, or hut, there are plenty of family-friendly accommodations to suit everyone. There are also accommodations available so that you can enjoy a hiking vacation with your dog.
In winter, the legendary Königstour in the Königstour ski region, magical winter hiking paths, snowshoe tours, toboggan runs, horse-drawn sleigh rides, cross-country trails, fairy-tale hikes, and a few other surprises attract guests to the region!  

We look forward to seeing you!

Fishing at Arthurhaus in Mühlbach am Hochkönig
Hiking holidays for the whole family in Salzburg
Archery park in Mühlbach at Hochkönig